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Finding Happiness

Happiness is one of the most sought after feelings. It seems to be the one thing in life everyone wants, but no one seems to really have.  So what is it and how can you cultivate it in your life?

First, happiness is more of a state of mind and way of being rather than just a feeling.  Many try and cultivate this precious feeling by filling their life with material things.  These material things only bring joy for a short time and when the feeling wears off then you are right back to where you began.  While others try to create the perfect life and post it for the world to see and admire.  This fabrication of a perfect life often backfires creating more unhappiness. 

But there are things you can do in your life right now that will help you create happiness within yourself.  Finding your passion and joy is one of the easiest and fastest ways to sow happiness into your everyday life.  Even the act of just smiling can begin to change the vibrational frequency that surrounds you and allow y…
The decisions you make each day are either based on fear or love.  Think about your day, you make choices and decisions in each moment on how to react and respond to the world around you.  Would you say that you make your choices with love or do you make them out of fear.  It is cold outside, do you put on a hat and coat because you love your body and want to make sure it is comfortable or because you are afraid of being cold or getting sick or not wear one at all because you don't want to look silly.  You go to college because you love school and love the field you are going into or because your afraid if you don't you will be shunned by your family or afraid you won't be able to support yourself in life or because everyone else is so you don't want to look like a fool.  You make negative judgments about others out of fear of not being good enough yourself.  Choosing love is not the easiest choice, fear is way easier to side with because it makes you feel safe. That s…

Everything Changes When You Turn Up the Volume on the Love Frequency

Your thoughts and emotions send out a vibration frequency which then attracts what you see in your world.  When you want to make a difference in your life or the lives of others, you cannot do it with the frequency of hate, lack or judgement.  You can't hate yourself health, or judge someone into a better life.  You can't feel that there is just not enough to go around.  You can't dislike yourself enough to make a long lasting change, or build a wall of fear and expect it to keep you safe.

Love matters.  It is a vibration that can transform.  It shows up with out judgement, it accepts not only what is seen but what is unseen, it shows an arena perspective on all things.  It gives understanding and peace.  It washes over you taking away fear and leaving hope.  It changes water molecules, as well as the cells in your body.

The next time you catch your thoughts in a cycle of hate, fear, lack or judgement, try sitting back and filling that space with the frequency of love.  Loo…

The Universe Has Your Back

No matter where you are in life the universe has your back.  In fact, the universe has always given you exactly what you wanted and what you expect.  Have you ever noticed that when you want to learn something, the opportunities that come forth are endless.  Or perhaps you feel that the world is against you, that nothing ever goes your way then you may see endless obstacles and challenges.  We are pure energy underneath this fleshy body and the energy we put out into the world, i.e. thoughts and feelings, is what we will receive back into our life.

So if your thoughts or old beliefs tell you that you are lacking, there is never going to be enough, that you are a failure, or will never find love, or that you're not good enough, the universe will continually show you that you are right in those beliefs.  In other words, you will get exactly what you believe.  People will let you down, you will continually spend money making sure that you never have enough, and nothing will ever work…

Everything is Temporary

This life lesson is learned at an early age, yet forgotten over and over again throughout a life time.  There is no forever in this realm of form.  Your place on this earth is temporary.  Your current life situation is temporary.  Your material items are temporary.  Your feelings, whether happy or sad, angry or elated, are all temporary.  Yet we tend to obsess as if they all last forever.  Then if that is not enough, we panic because we remember that it won't.  Children grow up, beautiful relationships crumble or move on and your physical body eventually deteriorates.

For me, this life lesson is getting easier to remember and helps me live in the present moment.  Each moment is a gift.  Something to be grateful for, no matter the judgement at the time. If we live with the knowing that everything is temporary, perhaps we slow time during moments of joy to receive all that is meant for us in that moment, and let go of the emotional hold during those moment that are not so pleasant.

When Life Hands You Fear

When life hands you fear, look it over carefully.  Sometimes you have to just ask yourself, "Why am I afraid?" or "What am I really afraid of?"  The answers to those questions alone will give you a lot of insight.  In the moment of fear, it may be hard to ask those questions.  Try not to react but instead just listen, sometimes that is all you need for your fear to reveal its true cause.
Where in your life do you freeze up, unable to speak or move?  This is my challenge for this morning.  Looking back on your life, where were the times where you froze?  I can think of one glaring memory of the time when I was in choir and I had a solo, why on earth I tried out for that I am not even sure, but I did and got a part.  When it came time to sing on stage, I froze unable to make a sound, all the words left me.  I was able to recover part way through, but man it sucked.  That little failure didn't stop me from trying out for plays, which I did and never messed up, it …

Staying Grounded in a World that Floats

What does it mean to be grounded.  For me it means connecting with the world in a way that makes us aware of our surroundings, our thoughts and patterns, our addictions, and our constant inner light reflection.  If a person is grounded, he or she will respond rather than react, and when they do happen to react instead of respond the notice and reflect on why.  They notice their habits and patterns.  They will recognize their addictions and areas in their life that need attention and change.

What keeps us grounded?

Nature:  Anytime you are in nature you will become grounded.  Hug a tree. Run your hands over the grass. Step in freshly fallen snow with or without your shoes.  Star gaze. Talk to the moon. Watch the clouds pass by. Say good night to the sun.  Doing these simple things will keep you from floating away.

Connecting with others: Anytime you make a genuine with another living being, human, animal or other wise, you will become grounded. Smile and say hello.  Ask them what brings…

You are right where you need to be.

Timing is everything.  There are no coincidences.  The universe is in perfect order, if only we trusted that everything is as it should be.  And what ever your beliefs are, they are true for you and only you because you see, I have a different view and my ideas and beliefs are also true.  A world of synchronicity with more than a million points of view.  How could there not be magic?

This world is fully of opportunities and experiences that will expand your mind and allow you to remember what you really are under this human shell.  Things are changing faster than ever before and more rapid turn of reality.  Slowing down and finding the gap between the noise is key.

Funny how the universe gives you exactly what you need to propel yourself forward toward your dreams.  Just know that everything is in perfect order.

New Year Intentions

A brand new year.What is it about the number changing on the calendar that makes one want change themselves, when it is available to do at any time?At the end of a year, I like to look back and see all the good that happened, I also like to find areas I want to improve upon.
I really did have a good year despite my health problems and lack of enthusiasm for my job.I was able to travel to a new county, go camping with my family and try new art forms.I improved my website and listed things to sell and started this blog.New opportunities showed up throughout the year and I went for them and feel good that I did, even though none of them worked out.I even finished my unfinished projects that I had intended to finish when 2018 first began.
I have many intentions for the upcoming year.I want to publish my book, my health is always on the list of things to improve (I am actually kind of sick of this one having to be on there), I want to teach some art classes, or at the very least hold art p…