Winds of Change

No photo description available.Today the wind blows in a new direction, do you set the sails in your mind or do you allow yourself to drift with the current of your thoughts?

The mind is empty space filled with chaos.  Thoughts come and go with little effort on your own part. How do you know, then, which thoughts to follow and which ones to let go?

Love.  Love is the answer.  If it is a thought that inspires you, encourages you and lights the fire within your soul, then that is one to follow.  If, however, your thoughts elicit fear, and the fear is irrational, which most are, those are the ones to let pass.  It is not always easy to let those thoughts pass; I have been on many misguided adventures do to fearful thoughts.  But each experience has taught me to trust love over fear.

So the next time your mind is flowing with thoughts, instead of choosing your direction out of fear, choose love.  Think, "What direction would I go, if I filled this thought with love?" Then act on it.  Be afraid and do it anyway, then soak in the joy, gratitude and love that comes your way.

Peace, Love and Gratitude

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