Day 27: 28 Day Happiness Challenge

Have a friend’s weekend retreat. There is just something about getting together with close friends that makes you smile till it hurts, laugh till you cry and leaves you feeling utterly fantastic. Earlier in this 28 day challenge I had you get together with someone that brings you joy, but have you ever spent more than just a lunch or a night out with them?  For this challenge I want you to set up and go on a mini vacation with your friend(s).  Find a place that suits both of you, go to a place with a beach or night life, find a mountain cabin and go for hikes, visit museums, or do a sleepover with a movie marathon if that’s what you both enjoy.  The point is to spend good quality time with a friend, not a spouse or significant other, not that they can't be your friend, but person you don't see everyday. A long weekend spent just with a friend, doing what you enjoy allows for stronger, more supportive, and healthier relationships.  Studies have shown that people with more family and friendship connections in life are healthier, handle stress better and are overall happier. 

Peace, Love and Gratitude

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