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It's Out There for the World to Read

This has been a learning experience.  One that has challenged my self-discipline and my self-motivation.  There were moments I wanted to give up, just stop and forget the whole thing.  But each time I would look at how much I put into this book and would decide to keep going.  Could it be better? Yes in so many ways but I wanted it to be authentically me through my voice.  Could I have added so much more? Probably, but I wanted it to be a short pocket guide that someone could easily finish by just reading a little each day.

Using Amazon to self-publish feels like cheating, although I honestly think that it is harder than just submitting to a publisher, as you have to do all the work yourself, without any back up.  You have to navigate their programs and put it in such a way that it uploads with few errors and looks the way you planned it to look, because it takes a small chunk of your life to upload each time.  I must have uploaded my script about 50 times before I worked out all of t…