The Art of Life

I try my best each day not to hide my flaws, to let my mistakes show through my outer shell of this human form. Sounds a bit backwards to many, I am sure, but there is a good reason I live my life with my idiosyncrasies on my sleeve.  I do it because, one, mistakes and flaws are apart of life it is how we learn about our world and how we are able to become better versions of ourselves. And two, it allows others to be comfortable showing their mistakes and flaws, it allows others to try something new. 

In a sense, it gives others permission to be themselves without fear of judgement.  I post all my art work, even the work that I feel is awful and ugly, because art is a process, and so is life.  So why not show your mistakes?  They are all just learning experiences, part of a larger process of refining and developing who you are becoming. My art isn't perfect, there will always be mistakes, I will always be learning and processing.  My life is not perfect either, I will always make mistakes, there will always be a lesson to learn to become a better version of myself.

My hope is that I give others permission to make mistakes, to look at what is happening in their life and choose to see the lesson it provides.  To challenge yourself to make changes, to not make the same version of a mistake over and over again.  But to know that if you do, that it is okay too.  Some lessons are hard, sometimes changes we need to make are just as hard as the mistakes we made to come that revelation.

Life is a constant work of art.  One that you can keep adding paint too until you like what you see, but also one that you keep showing to your friends because you are proud of the progress and process it took to make it this far. 

Peace, Love and Gratitude

Thank you for reading!


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