Take the Leap

Image may contain: textThe universe moves faster with more synchronicity as you move in the direction of your purpose.  Barriers and obstacles will begin to crumble as soon as you recognize the opportunity within.  Everything is falling into place and you are exactly where you need to be.  There is no rush or hurry because you are right on time for the miracles that are now manifesting in your life.

Sometimes we are afraid to move forward in our life.  Scared of what lurks in the unknown.  Life truly begins when we step off that edge and plummet towards chaos and utter disaster.  On lookers and nay sayers will clutter your mind with failure and defeat.  Most embrace their words taking them to heart and fall straight towards the brier patch, but not you.  You their shouts and dismay fire at you like daggers that fall gently like spring rain and roll off your skin.  You dance as you fall and glide through the air as your wings bud out from your back.

Each feather unfurls amidst the friction of the wind and with sudden, heart stopping speed you halt and begin rising.  The wind that was once so harsh and unforgiving feels like a gentle breeze.  The steps that seemed so hard to make in the beginning are now done with effortless intent.

This message is for you.  The ones who are taking small steps.  The ones seeking change. You are ready to fly, all you have to do is leap.

Peace, Love and Gratitude



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