I have changed poopy diapers
wiped snotty noses
and cleaned throw up out of hair.

I have washed dirty faces
put in pigtails and braids
made food to eat and share

I have yelled and screamed
worried and cried
I have hugged and kissed
laughed and sighed

Through it all I look in wonder
at every inch you grow
proud of every milestone
and everything you know

Time goes by so quickly
you continue to amaze me each day
Being your mother is the best
I love you in every way

I was blessed with motherhood
Your very breath made it so
all the mothers before me
their knowledge can continue to flow

Peace Love and Gratitude to all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, And all the others who have graciously step up into the role.

Happy Mothers Day!


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