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October signals change not just for the season but for us humans as well.  It is a get time to reflect on the past years trials and growth and set new intentions for the coming year.

Great things happened this past year of season.  I took a leap to begin and finish and self-publish one of my many books.  Many people, I feel, look down on self-published books, but if they really knew what it takes to get a publisher, they may just change their mind.  Nowadays, publishers aren't looking for the next big thing, they are looking for an author with a good idea and a crap ton, official term, of followers.  Many followers, means many books sold with little money spent on advertising.  Self published authors do everything themselves, it's a lot of work.  Now, I am currently working on one of my many children's books.  I plan to publish it in the spring. I am currently able to balance work, family, me time and creative time.

I reflect upon how I did not always want to be an artist …