Focus is a Super Power

I like to give my attention and focus to whatever is directly in front of me.  Although I can and do multitask, I don't like to work in that manner.  Our society has some how raised the status of those who can multi task compared to those that can't.  As if one's ability to do many things at once is some great power.  I actually believe one's ability to focus on one task at a time more of a super power.  The ability to let go of everything else that needs to be done, to focus on, or being in the moment with, one task or whatever is in front of you.  That, to me, requires discipline and strength.

Focusing on one thing at a time also requires balance.  I say this because I have been know to focus on one thing for many hours and forget everything else that exists in life. Dishes, laundry, children, husband etc. are the least of my concern with I am creating.  If I am in the zone, I don't wish to be interrupted. But that kind of focus, while productive, still hurts other areas in your life.  

I have learned the art of letting go, of being in the moment with whatever is in front of me.  That means when I am creating and my daughter is in need of attention, I put down what I am creating, I set it aside or put it away so that I can be with her in that moment.  I also now limit my time creating to 1 hour at a time, so that I can focus on house work or whatever else needs to be done.  Or I focus on house work first and then I can focus on art or family without any other task on my mind.

Life isn't about how much you can get done in a short amount of time, it's about taking the time to really experience what you are doing and enjoying your many moments.

Peace, Love, & Gratitude



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