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28 Day Happiness Challenge: A pocket guide to happiness by [Anne, Carrie]This has been a learning experience.  One that has challenged my self-discipline and my self-motivation.  There were moments I wanted to give up, just stop and forget the whole thing.  But each time I would look at how much I put into this book and would decide to keep going.  Could it be better? Yes in so many ways but I wanted it to be authentically me through my voice.  Could I have added so much more? Probably, but I wanted it to be a short pocket guide that someone could easily finish by just reading a little each day.

Using Amazon to self-publish feels like cheating, although I honestly think that it is harder than just submitting to a publisher, as you have to do all the work yourself, without any back up.  You have to navigate their programs and put it in such a way that it uploads with few errors and looks the way you planned it to look, because it takes a small chunk of your life to upload each time.  I must have uploaded my script about 50 times before I worked out all of the formatting bugs.

My next book will be one of the children's books I have been working on.  I am actually almost finished, but just need like 3 more illustrations.  I am hoping the formatting for the children's books on amazon are a little easier to work with than the chapter books. The Kindle Create app is pretty straight forward for chapter books.  I am not sure how children's books will work on there.  I will also have a deadline for this next book, with hopes that I will be able to finish both the kindle version and paperback at the same time. This will also take learning a new, more complicated program to edit my pictures, but I like to learn new things.

The paper back is now available, for those who prefer the feel of the book in your hands. Click here to purchase  your copy.  If you participated in my 28 Day Happiness Challenge earlier this year, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon.

Peace, Love and Gratitude!



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