Day 28: 28 Day Happiness Challenge

Take a sabbatical media.  This next challenge may be easy for you or it might be very difficult to accomplish.  For this next challenge I want you to take a break from media.  That means no TV, news, radio, cell phone except for emergencies of course, computer, email or social media.  Choose to commit to a day, a week or a month.  I know what you are thinking, “Yeah, but I will miss everything that is going on in the world!”  Trust me, the world will not stop, and you will still be informed.  There is always that one person you run into that will talk your ear off about something happening in the news.  After your Sabbatical is over, check how you feel you may find that you enjoy a media free life so much that you take a whole year. Or you might find that leaving a space for being media free is well worth turning off the TV, phone and computer for a few hours each day or over the weekend.  Perhaps you will find that watching the news is unnecessary, and when you hear of something of interest you will then do your own research to find the facts. Being bombarded by media 24/7 and having it always at your finger tips can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious more than you realize.  As a society we have become use to the media everywhere stress but that doesn't mean your body isn't suffering.  Plus, if you are a person who never seems to have time, this will immediately give you more of it, you don't realize how much time you spend on your phone, computer or watching TV, until you turn it off.  

I hope you've enjoyed the past 28 days and have been able to bring more happiness into your life.  It really is more of a shift in how you see and interpret your world around you, a shift into a more stress free life, living in your truth and taking time to enjoy your many moments.

Peace, Love and Gratitude. 

Let me know your thoughts about this challenge.  you can message me on Facebook or leave me a post.  What other challenges would you like to do? Love, peace, creative, mindfulness etc?

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