Every Step with Confidence

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.~Henry David Thoreau

Every little step you take towards your dreams will lead you to success.  Even if those steps are missteps or wrong turns, mishaps or unforeseen obstacles. Never be afraid to begin a new journey, to take a first step, or completely start over.

Yesterday, I choose to type up all of the children's stories that I had hand written down on small scraps of paper.  Yes, even with all of the technology, I prefer to hand write.  I don't feel as connected to the words when I type.  Some of the stories I misplaced, but those were the ones I've had in my mind the longest and were hard to forget, so I rewrote them from the pictures in my mind.  Some I had only an idea or a title and nothing more, those will come to me later.  Some were half written and I took the time to finish them or add to them, unsure of the ending as of yet.

Everyday I make time to step toward my dreams.  There is no rush in my mind, at least not yet.  Slow and steady steps I take, no matter how small they may seem.  Don't live your life with unfulfilled dreams in your head, regrets are much bigger than the steps to reach your dreams.

Here is a preview of my book Hello Moon.

Hello Moon
Rising high in the sky
Lighting out path
For our journey near by
Into the woods
Your light trickles through
Past the high branches
Making the ground look blue
Shadows, they dance
As the wind travels ‘round
Making monstrous faces
And other creatures as we bound
Our path is unknown
As we run and we leap
Making our way through
Picking up shiny pieces to keep
So many pieces
We thought we had lost
Help us remember
The reason we crossed
Lesson, wrong turns
Failures we face
Make us stumble and fall
but we pick ourselves up with strength and grace
We brush off the dirt
And clean up our hands
Determined and proud
Of our new found plans
We continue on our way
Each small step getting closer


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