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28 Day Happiness Challenge

March 4 I will begin posting a new challenge each day for 28 days to help cultivate happiness into your everyday life.  To me, happiness is not a feeling, but a state of being. If you are continually looking for happiness to show up at your door, it will never arrive.  For many years that was me, always looking for the next goal or achievement to make me happy, and when I would arrive there was only a fleeting moment of joy before I would go out searching again for that elusive happiness.

If you change your perspective on what happiness is, and how it is suppose to show up in your life, you will realize that the only thing that your happiness depends on is you.  There is nothing external about happiness. It is about how you show up in your everyday life, how you connect with the world that surrounds you and living in the now moment.

Some of these challenges will be simple and perhaps easy, while others will challenge you to grow and search for the barriers your have placed to deflect …

Finding Happiness

Happiness is one of the most sought after feelings. It seems to be the one thing in life everyone wants, but no one seems to really have.  So what is it and how can you cultivate it in your life?

First, happiness is more of a state of mind and way of being rather than just a feeling.  Many try and cultivate this precious feeling by filling their life with material things.  These material things only bring joy for a short time and when the feeling wears off then you are right back to where you began.  While others try to create the perfect life and post it for the world to see and admire.  This fabrication of a perfect life often backfires creating more unhappiness. 

But there are things you can do in your life right now that will help you create happiness within yourself.  Finding your passion and joy is one of the easiest and fastest ways to sow happiness into your everyday life.  Even the act of just smiling can begin to change the vibrational frequency that surrounds you and allow y…
The decisions you make each day are either based on fear or love.  Think about your day, you make choices and decisions in each moment on how to react and respond to the world around you.  Would you say that you make your choices with love or do you make them out of fear.  It is cold outside, do you put on a hat and coat because you love your body and want to make sure it is comfortable or because you are afraid of being cold or getting sick or not wear one at all because you don't want to look silly.  You go to college because you love school and love the field you are going into or because your afraid if you don't you will be shunned by your family or afraid you won't be able to support yourself in life or because everyone else is so you don't want to look like a fool.  You make negative judgments about others out of fear of not being good enough yourself.  Choosing love is not the easiest choice, fear is way easier to side with because it makes you feel safe. That s…

Everything Changes When You Turn Up the Volume on the Love Frequency

Your thoughts and emotions send out a vibration frequency which then attracts what you see in your world.  When you want to make a difference in your life or the lives of others, you cannot do it with the frequency of hate, lack or judgement.  You can't hate yourself health, or judge someone into a better life.  You can't feel that there is just not enough to go around.  You can't dislike yourself enough to make a long lasting change, or build a wall of fear and expect it to keep you safe.

Love matters.  It is a vibration that can transform.  It shows up with out judgement, it accepts not only what is seen but what is unseen, it shows an arena perspective on all things.  It gives understanding and peace.  It washes over you taking away fear and leaving hope.  It changes water molecules, as well as the cells in your body.

The next time you catch your thoughts in a cycle of hate, fear, lack or judgement, try sitting back and filling that space with the frequency of love.  Loo…