The Universe Has Your Back

No matter where you are in life the universe has your back.  In fact, the universe has always given you exactly what you wanted and what you expect.  Have you ever noticed that when you want to learn something, the opportunities that come forth are endless.  Or perhaps you feel that the world is against you, that nothing ever goes your way then you may see endless obstacles and challenges.  We are pure energy underneath this fleshy body and the energy we put out into the world, i.e. thoughts and feelings, is what we will receive back into our life.

So if your thoughts or old beliefs tell you that you are lacking, there is never going to be enough, that you are a failure, or will never find love, or that you're not good enough, the universe will continually show you that you are right in those beliefs.  In other words, you will get exactly what you believe.  People will let you down, you will continually spend money making sure that you never have enough, and nothing will ever work in your favor.

Knowing that you attract what you think, feel and believe, try looking at some areas in your life where you see lack.  I use to have a lack of time, occasionally I still do.  I used to tell myself that there is never enough time, that there was too much to do and not enough time to do it or that I am always late now that I have kids.  Guess what?  All of those thoughts were true and the universe continued to show me I was right.  Then I began to change my attitude, my thoughts.  I began to tell myself that there is always enough time, that if I was going to be late there was a good reason.  I stopped worry about being late and started thinking about how great it was to be always on time (even though at the time, I was still running late).  It didn't take long for the universe to show me my new thoughts.  I started hitting every green light, I am now able to finish huge amounts of work in very little time, leaving a ton of free time to enjoy my life.  Time was just the beginning of my change in perspective.  You can do this with money and finances, relationships, your job, anything really.

Sometimes it takes a little digging into your subconscious to find the old lingering beliefs.  I use EFT Tapping to help eliminate old beliefs or to stop the negative looping thoughts.

If you don't believe me that your thoughts can create your reality try the energy experiments in Pam Grout's E-Squared book.

Thank you for reading!

Peace, Love and Gratitude


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