You probably think this is about you

Why do you get pleasure out of hurting someone else?
Does it make you feel good?
Does it make you feel powerful?
Does it give you joy to squash their face into the ground?
I am so glad you can laugh at their pain and suffering
I know that is not who you really are
I know you are not just an empty vessel or shallow basin
your hard exterior covers something much deeper
when will you take the time to chip away at that wall you've build
when will you choose to peel back the layers and let them fall to the dusty floor revealing the love that you are
will it be tomorrow,
next week
a year from now
or will death come knocking first
will that deafening sound come shattering through you and break you into a thousand pieces
time will tell
what are you so afraid of that keeps you from looking in
what are you so afraid of that keeps you looking for flaws in others
do you think that your so perfect
do you think that you are all knowing
do you think that if you share your perfectness and all knowingness that others will bow before you in awe and wonder
don't you get it
I am you
you are me
we are one
I am no better than you
still judging
still thinking my way is better
my path is right
but there is one difference
I love your imperfectness
I see your wounds
I can relate to how you feel
I love myself the same
knowing my flaws
seeing my imperfectness
accepting myself as I accept others
seeing myself as I see others
I hear you calling
I see your journey
I am glad we are all walking together



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