Staying Grounded in a World that Floats

What does it mean to be grounded.  For me it means connecting with the world in a way that makes us aware of our surroundings, our thoughts and patterns, our addictions, and our constant inner light reflection.  If a person is grounded, he or she will respond rather than react, and when they do happen to react instead of respond the notice and reflect on why.  They notice their habits and patterns.  They will recognize their addictions and areas in their life that need attention and change.

What keeps us grounded?

No photo description available.Nature:  Anytime you are in nature you will become grounded.  Hug a tree. Run your hands over the grass. Step in freshly fallen snow with or without your shoes.  Star gaze. Talk to the moon. Watch the clouds pass by. Say good night to the sun.  Doing these simple things will keep you from floating away.

Connecting with others: Anytime you make a genuine with another living being, human, animal or other wise, you will become grounded. Smile and say hello.  Ask them what brings them joy and
yes do this with animals and plants too! You'll be surprised by their answers. Have a conversation where you just listen and ask questions.

Silence: Anytime you sit in stillness and quiet you will become grounded. Put down your phone, shut off your TV and music.  Go out for a walk, run or bike ride in silence.  Sit in silence of a candle flame or the flicker of flames in a fireplace. Silence allows you to become aware of your thoughts and can help you identify old patterns and thought loops.

What keeps you grounded?

Thank You for Reading

Peace, Love and Gratitude!


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