The decisions you make each day are either based on fear or love.  Think about your day, you make choices and decisions in each moment on how to react and respond to the world around you.  Would you say that you make your choices with love or do you make them out of fear.  It is cold outside, do you put on a hat and coat because you love your body and want to make sure it is comfortable or because you are afraid of being cold or getting sick or not wear one at all because you don't want to look silly.  You go to college because you love school and love the field you are going into or because your afraid if you don't you will be shunned by your family or afraid you won't be able to support yourself in life or because everyone else is so you don't want to look like a fool.  You make negative judgments about others out of fear of not being good enough yourself.  Choosing love is not the easiest choice, fear is way easier to side with because it makes you feel safe. That sounds like an oxymoron, but what happens it that fear tells you that you are going to fail, that there is no way you can do it so when it happens you can say "see fear was right."  

Love sounds like it would be an easy choice, but you have to be willing to let go of judgement (yours and from those around you) and live fully in the unknown, knowing that whatever happens is for your highest good.  This doesn't mean that you go around saying yes to everything that comes into your world, it means to slow down and see if that choice is right for you.  If you consistently make your choices out of love, while still listening to your intuition, everything will work in your favor. You will still have set backs and failures but you will see them as opportunities and stepping stones.

In my life, I try and slow down my decision making, I ask myself, "what would I choose if I weren't afraid?" and then try and follow that choice.  There are still some choices that I make every day because of fear. Like going to work for example, I'd rather write and paint. I am not quite trusting myself or the powers of the universe to have my back.  I don't feel ready or prepared enough or haven't released enough self limiting beliefs. But also I go to work out of love for the people I serve, I love seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter.  I took my current job out of love.  Love for teaching others, love for reading and learning and wanting to pass that love on to others. But mixed in with that love was still a lot of fear.  

I make many choices in my life each day.  Writing this blog is a choice I choose out of love.  Fear of not being good enough, fear of not being a good writer, fear of opposition or conflict, fear of letting people in and knowing me, fear of being laughed at and called a fool, are all reasons that I could have chosen not to hit the publish button but I chose love.  

There is no losing when choosing love.

Thank you for reading, 

Peace, Love and Gratitude


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